Tanguay: Mallett & Tebow a "two-headed monster"

Tanguay: Mallett & Tebow a "two-headed monster"
August 15, 2013, 12:45 am
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The question of day has been ‘which backup quarterback would you go with should Tom Brady go down with an injury?’

Still, is it possible that Bill Belichick would go with both Ryan Mallett and Tim Tebow should a Patriots fan’s worst nightmare occur, in a platoon-type of situation?

Gary Tanguay thinks so.

“I think were missing the boat,” said Tanguay on "Uno Sports Tonight". “It’s not the backup quarterback it’s backup quarterbacks, it’s a two-headed monster. [Tim] Tebow’s in the game during running situations, [Ryan] Mallett’s in the game during passing situations.”

Only Belichick knows his plan regarding his plan-B under center. Here’s hoping we never find out.