Tanguay: 'Coaches do not owe the media anything!'

Tanguay: 'Coaches do not owe the media anything!'
November 27, 2013, 12:15 am
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If you're a Patriots fan, you've seen Bill Belichick at his best and you've seen him at his worst.

That usually has to do with whether or not the team won or lost. If Belichick does something that works and makes him look good, he'll talk. If not, he won't say much.

Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti discussed that on their radio show today, and Gary Tanguay had just about enough of it.

"Mike, ease up! Ease up!" Tanguay yelled. "It's a coach. We're going to second-guess coaches for how they dress, for how they act at the podium? 'They're not consistent, he's in a bad mood when they lose, he's in a good mood when they win.' Well welcome to the human race!

Felger isn't quite on board with Tangay's explanation of Felger's point.

"Again, to sort of sum it up, [Tanguay's] doing a poor job: It's sort of chicken bleep when someone asks him a strategy question that goes wrong he doesn't answer it, but when someone answers him a question that goes right, such as a coin flip in overtime, he will literally talk your face off."

Chris Gasper agrees that there has to be a level of accountability for Belichick.

But Tanguay isn't going to hear it.

"Coaches do not owe the media anything," he said. "The one thing they shouldn't be is rude, and I don't like it if he's rude."