Is Talib most important player going forward?

Is Talib most important player going forward?
November 10, 2013, 8:45 pm
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More than halfway done with the regular season, the New England Patriots are now getting ready for the stretch run following their bye during Week 10.

Michael Felger and Ron Borges discussed on Sports Sunday the most important Patriot players going forward.

“It appears to be [Aqib] Talib,” Borges said. “When he’s out there it allows [Bill] Belichick to do a lot more, different ways to attack teams. When he’s not out there, you can see the strategically – I don’t want to say problems – but it creates some difficulties.”

While the Patriots wait for the return of Talib from injury, the Patriots got their key threat on offense back from injury a few weeks ago.

“Offensively, I think people look at Shane Vereen, who is eligible to come off of that nonseason-ending IR [injured reserved] list here in the next week or two as a difference maker,” Felger said. “Isn’t the difference maker already back though, in Rob Gronkowski? Isn’t that the guy and Vereen is just sort of gravy?”

Who is your most important player on the Patriots going forward? Let us know in the comments section.