Talib, McCourty won't comment on Schiano buzz

Talib, McCourty won't comment on Schiano buzz
September 18, 2013, 5:30 pm
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FOXBORO -- It's rough sailing for second-year Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano. If problems were limited to an 0-2 record, the Buccaneers could start toward a solution by beating New England this weekend.

But there are internal issues.

Rumors swirled around starting quarterback Josh Freeman last week. According to CBS Sports, Freeman is not seeing eye-to-eye with his coach and wants a trade.

More recently, reports claimed Darrelle Revis is also at odds with Schiano. Enough was said about the cornerback being unhappy with how he's being used for Revis to take to Twitter and "clear the smoke."

The Bucs may be bringing more baggage than pads and cleats to Foxboro on Sunday.

New England, of course, has no use for drama. Even players who played for Schiano in the past, when asked about their former coach, opted to keep their noses clean.

Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib was a Buccaneer for more than four years. He gave Schiano a vote of confidence in 2012 by saying the new coach "brought that order back to the building" after Tampa Bay's previous 4-12 season

Safely in New England, Talib not longer wants to get involved: "I play for the Patriots, baby. We good."

Fellow cornerback Devin McCourty also played for Schiano, but while in college at Rutgers. He similarly deferred comment on why Tampa Bay is having trouble with his former coach.

"As y'all know, we always have our plate full with Coach Belichick," McCourty shrugged. "We're just trying to focus on that and trying to focus on getting a win this week."

LeGarrette Blount, a Buccaneer for three seasons before signing with New England, knew better than to linger at his locker.

Fraying connections between the coach and his players may cause Tampa Bay to short-circuit in the near future. The Patriots only care about shutting it down for 60 minutes on Sunday.