Talib has Broncos highly enthused

Talib has Broncos highly enthused
June 4, 2014, 5:15 pm
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Look, it’s June. We’re kicking over rocks for content. Any port in a storm, right? The Broncos are a definite port for us.
And it’s never too early to check in on the progress of Aqib Talib, erstwhile Patriot, current Bronco. (It actually may be too early, but…kicking rocks…).
This week, Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio was among those weighing in on the shutdown corner’s transition to Denver.
“He’s been terrific in the meetings with some of the younger players,” said Del Rio. “I think Aqib is a veteran guy who understands what he wants now for himself and for the team. He’s working hard, he’s come here, been a good teammate and learning our system. I think clearly he’s a physical corner and a guy who’s very capable of shutting down some of the top wide receivers that we’ll face.”
The domino effect that put Talib in Denver – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie asking for too much in Denver and the Patriots offering too little to Talib – resulted in a definite upgrade for the Broncos, regardless of Talib’s injury history. And the Patriots, as it worked out, upgraded with Darrelle Revis.
Talib, according to Denver offensive coordinator Adam Gase, is having a practice impact as well.
“We felt like he was the toughest guy we went against,” Gase said. “He was one of those guys that matched up, and he gave (Demaryius Thomas) everything he could handle, I know in that first game, and then he went out [due to injury] in the second game, but he was battling hard. We would get open occasionally, but he does such a good job of staying with his guy, and he can mirror as well as anybody I’ve seen in man coverage. He does a great job, and he’s tough to go against every day. It makes our guys better.”
Talib, who had hip/thigh/quad/whatever issues during 2013 and got blasted on the knee by Wes Welker in the AFC Championship says he is now fast and fit.
“My health is great,” he insisted. “I feel great. I’m out here moving, running with Emanuel (Sanders) and D.T. If I can run with them guys then I must be feeling great.
Talib said this week his decision to go to Denver was “almost like a no brainer for me” once the Broncos showed interest.
And what he’s found is that Denver is, “A totally different team. It’s a totally different atmosphere. I couldn't even tell you what the biggest difference is, it’s just different.”