Tale of the Tape: Welker vs Amendola

Tale of the Tape: Welker vs Amendola
March 13, 2013, 8:15 pm
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No one can question what Wes Welker accomplished in his 6 seasons with the New England Patriots. He set NFL records. He rarely missed a game with an injury. He was a first down machine.

But he's a Denver Bronco now, and Peyton Manning's new BFF.

"Replacing" him...former Rams wideout Danny Amendola. Younger? Check. Talented? Check. Durable. Not so much. The a seamless replacement for Welker? Time will tell.

There are many pieces to this story that Patriots fans have to debate for the rest of the week.

Did the Patriots make the right decision? How does Tom Brady feel about all this? Is their a bigger move in the works? Is the "In Bill We Trust" feeling most fans have had fading some?

We want to hear what YOU think. Leave a comment below and we could use it on one of our shows, or feature it online.