Stick to sprinting, Usain


Stick to sprinting, Usain

I wanted to write about the Patriots this afternoon, but what can I say?

Its great to have them back. It's great to know that real football is right around the corner.

But the excitement just isnt there. Not yet. Of course, once pre-season kicks in (THURSDAY) and fantasy drafts start up (AUGUST 28!), I'll need massive doses of Vicodin to hold off the NFL bug, but for now . . .

Heres a video of Usain Bolt attempting a windmill dunk show before a game at the Garden last year. (ht to HoopsHype)

You know, I always thought that Bolt would make a great NFL wide receiver. And why not, right? He's 6-foot-5, and the fastest man in the world. Give some pads and teach him to run a post-route. But after seeing this video, I'm changing my tune.

Honestly, when I hit play I was expecting one power dribble, a jump step and a dunk reminiscent of 1987 Dominique Wilkins. Instead . . . isn't he a little awkward? I think it's the weird, right-legged skip at the start of his approach that gets me. I'm not sure his coordination is quite up to speed with what you're looking for in an elite NFL wideout. I don't think he's got the hands for it.

Of course, that's fine for him, since he's already the fastest and very likely coolest athlete in the world. Sucks for my dream of one day seeing him in the NFL.

Although maybe the Pats should bring him on board anyway. Would definitely give us something to write about.

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