Spikes brings old school style to defense


Spikes brings old school style to defense

Mike Giardi takes a detailed look at Brandon Spikes and his intense style of play.

Spikes is a throwback to an older style of football, where the game was more ferocious.

Spikes is quickly developing into one of the most lethal players in the game. But that intensity comes with a sincere respect for the game.

"When I'm done with this, I want the older guys when they watch to say 'he's playing the position the right way.'"

Vince Wilfork says Spikes' presence gives the Patriots defense an edge and alters the way opponents go about their game.

"Sometimes you can see hits getting delivered and some people really don't want to get up, or they start to slide, or show their true colors," said Wilfork.

In last week's comeback against the Bills, Spikes forced two fumbles.

With the Denver Broncos coming to town, you can bet old friend Peyton Manning will know where Spikes is at all times.