Source: Low ankle sprain for Hernandez

Source: Low ankle sprain for Hernandez
September 18, 2012, 1:11 am
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FOXBORO -- New information regarding the injury to Aaron Hernandez reveals he suffered a low -- not high -- ankle sprain. According to a source, the recovery is indeed expected at 4-6 weeks with optimism toward the earlier end of that timeline.
The difference between high ankle sprains and "low" ankle sprains is exactly what it sounds like -- location, location, location.
In a typical sprain, the ligaments attaching the lower leg to the foot are damaged.
But if it's a high sprain, damage has been done to the ligaments binding the lower bones of the leg. This injury is generally considered more serious because those ligaments connecting the tibia and fibula are often torn or ruptured.
The grade of the sprain is currently unknown.