Source: Caserio willing to work with Philbin

Source: Caserio willing to work with Philbin
January 26, 2014, 6:45 pm
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Had Nick Caserio accepted the general manager's job in Miami, he was prepared to work with Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin, according to a source.

Reports out of Miami said on Sunday that one of the reasons Caserio didn't accept the job was that he wanted to replace Philbin with someone else. But Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is a Philbin supporter, and Ross hired Dennis Hickey as GM in part because Hickey was willing to work with Philbin.

That's not exactly how it went down, the source said. Now the Dolphins have what appears to be a bit of an awkward situation on their hands.

It appears as though the entire process of hiring of a new general manager in Miami, and the muddled power structure set up in the Dolphins organization, isn't sitting well with the team's players. The Miami Herald reported on Sunday that "several Dolphins players have already privately expressed that they want out of this situation. Real consequences coming."