Some good, some bad in Amendola's return

Some good, some bad in Amendola's return
October 6, 2013, 9:15 pm
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CINCINNATI – After his star-crossed start to the season in Buffalo, Danny Amendola returned to the Patriots lineup on Sunday.
Just in time for another star-crossed day. Coming back just three weeks after blowing his adductors in Buffalo, Amendola caught four of the nine passes sent his way for 55 yards.
He had a pair of uncharacteristic drops and on the biggest reception of his day he made a terrific grab of a Tom Brady pass only to get tagged down at the one-inch line.
From there, the Patriots couldn’t punch it in and had to settle for a field goal.
“It was day-to-day all week and I just felt good enough to play,” Amendola said after the game.
Amendola said he didn’t feel compelled to return because of the challenge the Patriots faced in Cincy.
“I want to play in every game, regardless of how our offense is doing I want to be a part of it,” he said. “I feel like we could be really good and we’re on our way we just gotta keep working on it.”
The effort Amendola put in during pregame was eye-opening. Running full speed on throws inside the 5 while Ryan Mallett threw to him, Amendola at one point caught a ball one-handed while running full speed at the end line and stutter-stepped to a stop before crashing into security guards. In short, it was a referendum on how well he’s feeling.
“Practice is practice during the week but then you get into a game and adrenaline’s flowing,” Amendola explained. “It felt pretty good.”
Amendola was agitated at himself for the drops.
“Unacceptable,” he answered when asked about the incompletions. “You gotta catch the ball. Gotta catch every one thrown your way. No excuses.”