Social Slant: Trades to be made?

Social Slant: Trades to be made?
October 10, 2013, 11:30 pm
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The focus is still on the New England Patriots offense and their struggles, especially after last week when they failed to score a touchdown.

Tom E. Curran and Mary Paoletti on Quick Slants took fan’s questions about who to blame and how to fix the offense.

“You know what, overall, I think if you look at the Patriots offensive line they have been good but they did get tuned up last week against Cincinnati,” Curran said.

One fan asked what offensive weapons the Patriots should try to trade for, but both Curran and Paoletti believe the Patriots should stand pat.

“I hate to put a ton of stock in one player, but they have been really hurting in the red zone and Gronkowski is Tom Brady’s favorite red zone target, so I think that that will make a huge difference,” Paoletti said.