Shaughnessy: Patriots strategy for Tebow is perfect

Shaughnessy: Patriots strategy for Tebow is perfect
June 11, 2013, 11:00 pm
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While many people may dislike the Patriots signing of quarterback Tim Tebow, there is a level of trust in coach Bill Belichick that makes the signing work.

"[It's] a perfect spot for him, Gary (Tanguay). There's a quarterback here so there's no controversy, you have a coach who doesn't care," Dan Shaughnessy said on "UNO Sports Tonight."

The advantage of Belichick protecting Tebow means he won't let there be any kind of media circus surrounding Tebow like there was with the Jets.

"The strategy for this guy for the Patriots is perfect. You don't make this guy available in front of his locker every day to get this beatdown or these carnival bookers asking him goofy things," Shaughnessy said.

Tanguay and Shaughnessy discuss Tebow's first appearance at Patriots' mini camp in the video.