Shaughnessy: Patriots make a 'statement like the old days'

Shaughnessy: Patriots make a 'statement like the old days'
December 23, 2013, 10:45 pm
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We've had a day to let the Patriots' 41-7 win over the Ravens sit, and now the guys on Sports Tonight are ready to discuss.

Consider at least one of them very surprised.

"I didn't see this coming, not even close," Dan Shaughnessy said. "The way everything was trending, Patriots coming apart at the seams, Baltimore on the rise, they're home, big-boy coach, all that stuff. They were worse than anybody. [The Ravens] completely dissolved. The Patriots took command. None of that nonsense about keeping the other team in the game. This was a statement like the old days, it was very impressive."

Gary Tanguay says it didn't have to do with the Ravens coming out flat or looking sloppy out there. It was the Patriots that played well. Even so, he's not convinced this is them from this point on.

"To me it wasn't about Baltimore at all, at least from my perspective," Tanguay said. "To me it was about New England. Has your opinion changed about New England going into the playoffs after this win? Mine hasn't. I'm still leery about this team in the playoffs. This was great, but to me this doesn't mean that everything's fixed."

Kirk Minihane agrees with Tanguay, saying it's still hard to get a real read on this team.

"It was a really impressive road win against a team with a quarterback playing terrible this year, I mean awful. Seond in the league in interceptions. So no, I think they can get to the Super Bowl this year, and I think they can get knocked out the first game in."