Shaughnessy: Can't learn anything from these games

Shaughnessy: Can't learn anything from these games
September 23, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Until the Patriots play a "good" team, you're going to hear people questioning the validity of their record.

That's the case on Sports Tonight with Glenn Ordway, Bob Neumeier, Dan Shaughnessy, and Kirk Minihane.

The Pats are 3-0, but even so that isn't enough to convince Shaughnessy of much.

"We know nothing," Shaughnessy said. "Again, it is not their fault that they played the waltz of the tomato cans as I like to call it, but you can't tell anything from these games. And I feel bad for the people on the radio for four hours trying to get some take on what you have here. It's impossible. Don't tell me how great the defense was. Those [opponents] were terrible."

But what about three weeks from now? The Pats will travel to Atlanta and then Cincinnati before hosting the Saints the week after that. Then will we have an idea?

"Oh, definitely," Minihane said. These three teams coming up, no question we'll know everything in three weeks. Dan's right, I will say this, while I agree with Dan that we know nothing. I think if they played these three quarterbacks last year at some point, or the year before at some point, maybe one of those quarterbacks pops and has a really good game because that's happened with bad quarterbacks against this team in the past. So maybe we have that if we want to say this defense is better. But eight weeks from now are these three games going to matter when we judge this team? No, they're not."

Neumeier agrees that the record needs to be looked at in perspective.