Sanchez: Tebow is 'great' to work with


Sanchez: Tebow is 'great' to work with

So far so good for the Jets. Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are working together as the Jets starting and backup quarterback, respectively, and it hasn't come to blows just yet. (Not that Tebow would let things get there; he's more of a turn-the-other-cheek kind of guy.)

"He's doing great. He's everything as advertised, positive and competitive," Sanchez said, via USA Today. "He's been great to work with."

Teammates have been impressed by Tebow's willingness to get to the team's facility early to work out. By all accounts, he's already been tabbed as one of the team's hardest workers.

"He's a true leader. He brings that competitive edge," Santonio Holmes said. "You have to be around it to see it."

There was this one curious comment by Sanchez, however:

"You're always going to have other quarterbacks in the room," Sanchez said. "Your job is to push each other."

He added: "Fortunately for Tim, he has the ability to do other things, and that's why he's on board."

Other things? Like what? Like play special teams? Maybe fullback?

On the one hand, Sanchez says he respects Tebow's competitiveness. On the other, it seems Sanchez thinks Tebow is on board to do other things, as in, not play quarterback.

Maybe that's too close of a reading of Sanchez's comments, but regardless, it was an interesting first day of availability in what promises to be a gripping season in New Jersey.

Gronkowski put on IR, officially ending his season

Gronkowski put on IR, officially ending his season

The Patriots have placed Rob Gronkowski on injured reserve, officially ending the injured tight end's season. 

The Patriots have added running back D.J. Foster to the 53-man roster. 

Gronkowski underwent surgery on his back Friday in Los Angeles. There was some hope he might be able to return if the Patriots reached the Super Bowl, but this move ends that.

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