Sanchez shows off bare butt in Internet video

Sanchez shows off bare butt in Internet video
June 27, 2013, 11:45 am
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It seems that the link between Mark Sanchez and butts can't stay out of the news.

Just over seven months ago, Sanchez produced one of the most infamous plays in recent NFL history, a calamitous effort where the Jets QB ran around aimlessly until he smacked his head into guard Brandon Moore's behind, let the ball free in the process and could only lay slumped on the ground as safety Steve Gregory scooped and scored to give the Patriots a 21-0 lead in what would become a 49-19 Thanksgiving night shellacking.

The play, affectionately known as the "butt fumble," epitomized the Jets season, one in which the once mighty New York squad put together a 6-10 record and left head coach Rex Ryan in what amounts to a lame duck position heading into the 2013 season.

Well, not satisfied with simply running into his own lineman's butt, Sanchez is now showing off his own.

On Tuesday, a video surfaced in which the 26-year-old quarterback could be seen lowering his pants and displaying his bare posterior while dancing with two women in what appears to be a nice, little private party.

One of those two girls, Alana Kari, first published the video through a Vine on Twitter, but deleted it quickly after it started to gain a great deal of attention. Fortunately, for people who enjoy watching Sanchez embarrass himself --which has to be all non-Jets NFL fans at this point-- re-posted the video and it remains up a day later.

The beleaguered Jets quarterback is certainly enjoying his time in the offseason, but once training camp starts, things might not be so cheery.