Sanchez says all the right things about Patriots secondary

Sanchez says all the right things about Patriots secondary
October 18, 2012, 12:35 am
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FOXBORO -- Mark Sanchez was late for his conference call.
He claims he was busy studying some tape and "trying to figure out how to win" on Sunday.
If we see him on the cover of next month's GQ, we'll know he lied to us. If he doesn't throw like crazy on the Patriots secondary Sunday, we'll know he really lied to us.
Of course, Sanchez said all the right things when asked about the Patriots and their shoddy pass defense, but there's no doubting his hopes of jump starting that 49.7 completion percentage of his.
"I think they're a great group of players," Sanchez said of New England's secondary. "I know they're always capable of having big games and I know they're going to be in the right position, so it's my job to be smart with the football. And it's always a challenge no matter what the numbers say against these guys. I have a lot of respect for their team."
Always going to be in the right position... good one, Mark!
But all kidding aside, sure, it'll be a challenge nobody says it won't be. And New England's defense won't just stand around and watch Sanchez air it out. But how can Sanchez explain why team's have been so successful going deep? He can't or wouldn't really.
"Different plays happen at different times for different reasons," he said.
Ah, of course! Why didn't we think of that? But he continued.
"I think some of them have been really good throws, some have been pretty good schemes that have gotten guys open. So that type of stuff happens to any secondary, but I think these guys are a tough group and they always play well."
Sanchez has played well against New England in years past, but he hasn't taken the leap that many thought he would take to the "elite" level of quarterbacks. In fact, some think he's peaked as a QB. One thing he has taken is a lot of flack from the New York media and fans, but has done what he can to block it out.
"You are what your record says. Statistics, that's the way that you're judged. So there's a ton of teams at 3-3 and we're trying to just keep playing hard and do well. But as far as my personal play we just have to get more wins. I think there are a few throws that I want back and stuff but that's natural. We're working through some personnel issues here getting guys healthy so that's helped this last week. But I'm just trying to find ways to get wins and not really worry about outside opinion."