Ryan: 'DBs do not tackle anymore'

Ryan: 'DBs do not tackle anymore'
December 10, 2013, 11:15 pm
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With the head injuries - and now leg injuries - piling up in the NFL and NHL, can anything be done at all to make the game less violent?

And if more measures are taken, how will fans respond?

Gary Tanguay was joined by Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy to discuss if both leagues would suffer if safer rule changes were made.

"Probably," Ryan said. "I think the type of person that likes this game to the max wants the hits and the hits are what satiate them, and [they] do not want to see anything that becomes 'flag football'. Those of us who aren't with that bloodlust and we don't have that bloodlust, no I want to see the game safer."

But Ryan knows why so many skill players are getting hurt: Defenders are no longer playing the way they used to.

"DB's do not tackle," Ryan said. "DB's, all they do is launch themselves high or low and do what I call the shoulder roll. They have stopped tackling in the last 20 years, and if he attempted to tackle him, yeah he would have been carried for four or five yards or out of bounds which is where he was heading by the way . . . they don't tackle anymore!"

Shaughnessy doesn't think the masses will be turned off by the changes, because it's just simply something that needs to be done.

"No. We all need to be sensitive about this," Shaughnessy said. "Concussions are very real, the injuries are very real. The legislation, they're going to have a hard time. They need to be able to demonstrate that they are doing it so when they go to court they can say, 'Look what we're trying to do.' The game is a brutal game, anybody who plays it is out of their mind to play it."