Ryan: 'Can't convince myself Belichick wanted Welker'

Ryan: 'Can't convince myself Belichick wanted Welker'
March 25, 2013, 1:30 am
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Wes Welker is a Denver Bronco. But did it really have to end this way between him and the Patriots?

Patriots owner Robert Kraft told members of the media that the Patriots did want him back, but Welker chose the Broncos for less money.

That gets the guys on Sports Tonight riled up a bit.

"You lost a player because of the negotiation, and that to me is inexcusable," Mike Felger said.

But Bob Ryan isn't taking Kraft at his word.

"I still cannot convince myself that they - no, there is no they - he, Bill Belichick, who is the issue here, wanted [Welker]," Ryan said. "We go back to how he was treated at the beginning of last season. I think he thought they could live without him. They made him an offer he couldn't refuse. I'm not buying. Bob, I'm sorry Mr. Kraft, I do not buy what you're telling us. I do not buy it."

Felger, Ryan, and Steve Buckley can all agree that things got personal on both sides.

Check out the video for more.