Rob Gronkowski says in SI interview ankle is 'doing good'


Rob Gronkowski says in SI interview ankle is 'doing good''s Jimmy Traina tried to interview Rob Gronkowski on his Thursday Hot Clicks Podcast. The word "tried" is no knock on Traina; the man asked the right questions.

Gronkowski was, quite simply, Fort Knox.

"That was a while ago. I'm really just focusing on the offseason now. Just getting healthy and moving on forward from here to get better and get 100-percent."

This, his response to the post-Super Bowl loss partying. Gronkowski likewise skimmed over questions regarding Giselle's outburst ("heat of the moment"), his scooter riding ("That was two weeks ago. But that scooter was pretty cool"), and, oddly, his relationship with Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

"Just a player-coach relationship. Go to work, come to work and work hard. That's what I do. Just listen to him as a coach because he's one of the best out there."


Though there was something of an injury update

"It's doing good. Just walking around a little bit now. It's definitely getting better. It's been about five-and-a-half weeks now. Just taking it week to week still and day-by-day and I just can't wait to get to 100-percent so I can get out there and do what I need to during the offseason."

Gronkowski would give no details about how the ankle sprain hampered him during the Super Bowl.

"I was out there playing. And when you're out there playing that's all that matters is you're out there and you're ready to play and give everything you have. That was the situation. That's what it was."

Belichick will be pleased, won't he? Listeners shouldn't be surprised -- consider the fact Traina opened the podcast by saying the "Patriots had some issues" with the interview in the first place.