Ridley: Health is 'perfect'

Ridley: Health is 'perfect'
June 5, 2013, 1:00 pm
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DORCHESTER, MA -- Stevan Ridley was one of seven Patriots at the Roger Clap Innovation School Wednesday. The running back, who appeared to tweak a hamstring in Tuesday's OTA session, was in good spirits and walked without trouble.

"Perfect," he said when asked about his health.

A positive sign, considering the day's task.

The players, along with team owner Robert Kraft, were in Dorchester for a PLAY 60 event that saw $50,000 donated to the school. Some 180 children looked on and cheered as the check was presented and a blueprint for a new playground was unveiled.

Then the real fun started.

Ridley and the rest went outside after the assembly. As PLAY 60 is an NFL initiative about getting active and being healthy, time was made for group activities. Ridley played quarterback for a small group of kids. The price of a dropped ball?

"I guess Coach Belichick rubbed off me here because every ball that they dropped . . . Five pushups. I didn't make them run any laps or anything, like I would have to do," he smiled.

New England has two more OTA sessions -- closed to reporters -- before next week's mini-camp. Ridley seemed glad for a change of pace.

"[We] play with the kids, have a good time, pass and catch, have a little OTA's in the streets of Boston today," he said. "It's a good day."