Revis work ethic receives high praise

Revis work ethic receives high praise
April 1, 2014, 1:15 pm
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Reading the book “Collision Low Crossers” confirmed some things for me.  For instance, Rex Ryan is an addled decision-maker who would rather be a buddy than the boss.
But the “Crossers,” a chronicle of the New York Jets 2011 season written by Nicholas Dawidoff also brought me around on things I was skeptical of. Namely, Darrelle Revis’ work ethic and leadership.
And Revis’ work ethic isn’t on the wane, according to a story in Tuesday’s Boston Herald.
Jeff Howe spoke with Brett Fischer, a longtime trainer for Revis at Fischer Institute in Phoenix.
“Now that (Revis) is with a new team, obviously a winning organization like that, he’s so fired up. To see the determination that he has, he’s unbelievable,” Fischer told Howe. “The fun thing for me is we’re starting with a person who played this year with basically no injury, so we can take him to the next level. I think fans in New England are going to see a guy who is even better than in the past because he has rehabilitated himself from the ACL (he injured in 2012).

“To have him to the point now, we don’t even mention the ACL. It’s not even a factor. He’s looked so well in all his drills. He’s looked great in everything he’s doing.”

There’s more detail in the story regarding Revis’ workday. Fischer makes a point that came clear reading “Crossers.”

“When Darrelle comes in the door, you never have to push him. That’s what makes him great,” Fischer said. “He knows we’re going to push him to the limit and get after him. He accepts that, and he wants that.”