Revis: Brady is sometimes an expletive


Revis: Brady is sometimes an expletive

Darrelle Revis went on and on about Bill Belichick on Thursday, but he saved some breath to touch on Tom Brady, too.

Of course he did.

He was asked about the time a couple of years ago that Antonio Cromartie called Brady an a------. Because, well, why not?

Sometimes he do (like that that) on the field, Revis said, via the New York Daily News. Thats his personal opinion about him. If thats how he acts on the field. Thats how he acts. He wants to throw a touchdown and point at our sideline. Thats disrespect, man. Thats not sportsmanship. Now do people say words on the field to each other? Yeah thats in between the lines. But then when its getting out of hand Come on, man. Come on. Sportsmanship.

Ah, yes. The New York Jets: model sportsmen.