Reports: Lloyd to visit with 49ers


Reports: Lloyd to visit with 49ers

All afternoon on Tuesday you heard about wide receivers signing big time contracts to NFL teams.

None of those wide receivers were Brandon Lloyd. And none of those teams were the New England Patriots.

Cause for concern? Maybe. Or Maybe the Patriots are just playing the waiting game, going back and forth with Lloyd's camp and trying to find the best deal for both sides.

No, they're not about to go spend Pierre Garcon money (42.5 million over five years, 21.5 million of which is guaranteed) all over the NFL.

But it could be that type of money -- money thrown around by other teams -- that could spoil the Patriots' hope at landing a big name wideout like Lloyd.

Now, ESPN and NFL Network are reporting that Lloyd is on his way to San Francisco to meet with the 49ers, who just signed Randy Moss to a one-year deal on the cheap. Lloyd was drafted in the 4th round by the 49ers back in 2003 where he played for three seasons.

With a number of receivers now off the market (Garcon, Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston, Robert Meachem), more focus will be on someone like Lloyd, and the 49ers are "Exhibit A".
If the Patriots are serious about bringing Lloyd on, they'll probably have to spend a little more money than they want to. With Lloyd turning 31 in July, and with really only one great season (2010) to show, maybe the Patriots look somewhere else.

Either way, a decision on Lloyd will probably have to come soon -- whether they make it or he does.

Do you feel like the Patriots should pay up? Let us know!