Report: Welker and friends 'tackled' by Aspen security


Report: Welker and friends 'tackled' by Aspen security

A little over a week before his wedding, Wes Welker and a group of his buddies found themselves in a scuffle with local security in Aspen, Colo., according to a report.

The New York Post says that Welker and six of his friends tried to rush into the Patrn-sponsored Summerology event on Friday night.

According to the report, Welker's group didn't check in with party staffers beforehand, and as a result, some riled up security guards got an opportunity to make like middle linebackers, tackling Welker and his friends.

From the NY Post:
Security tried to subdue the group when a brawl almost broke out, a source told us. Security then physically restrained Welker and his group to break everything up.Were told Welker and his rowdy crew werent arrested, but cops threatened to do so. Security calmed them down and kicked them off the property, a source told us.Aspen police confirmed there was a record of a lecture and release incident at the Aspen eatery Friday night, but couldnt confirm if Welker and his crew were involved.

This all went down early last weekend. A look at Welker's Twitter account shows that it hasn't kept him from enjoying his time out west over the course of the last few days. But obviously this isn't the kind of thing that Welker wants out in the open -- especially when he's hoping to land a long-term deal with the Patriots some time in the next three-and-a-half weeks.

But no arrest. No injuries. By and large, major bullet dodged.