Report: Spikes, Hernandez failed drug tests at Florida


Report: Spikes, Hernandez failed drug tests at Florida

College kids make mistakes all the time. Oftentimes being a Division 1 college football (or basketball) player means that your mistakes become fodder for public consumption. It may be unfair, but it's the nature of the beast.

Apparently, though, according to a Sporting News report, current Patriots Brandon Spikes and Aaron Hernandez avoided having their mistakes go public while playing for the University of Florida.

The report says that Spikes and Hernandez (as well as current Vikings receiver Percy Harvin) received preferrential treatment from then Florida head coach Urban Meyer. They all missed the season opener in 2008 with supposed injuries, but the report says that they actually failed drug tests. None of the players ever had to publicly acknowledge their violations.

Harvin seems to have been the biggest rogue of the preferred bunch that Meyer called the "Circle of Trust."

Harvin reportedly stopped during a 2007 conditioning run and said, This expletive ends now. The next day, the team played basketball for its conditioning portion of the workout.

In a separate incident, Harvin allegedly grabbed receivers coach Billy Gonzales by the neck and threw him to the ground. He was never disciplined.