Report: Patriots get extra 1.6M against cap

Report: Patriots get extra 1.6M against cap
March 12, 2012, 7:48 pm
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The Patriots spot under the salary cap just got a little roomier. writer Albert Breer has reported that, because of front-loading contracts in 2010's non-cap year, the league is taking millions in cap space away from Dallas and Washington: 36M and 10M, respectively. That 46M in savings then goes back into the player pool and is divided -- Saints and Raiders excluded -- among the 28 remaining teams.

Monday afternoon Tom Curran pointed to how the original 16.2M cap number was derided. Add in the 1.6M that each team should get in surplus and New England may now have 17.8M to play with (Math!).

Breer added an interesting footnote: "When I was at the Globe, covering Brady's contract talks -- Patriots were convinced that dumping a huge number in 2010 would be unwise."

Looks like playing it safe paid off in more ways than one.