Report: LB Woodyard making visit to Patriots

Report: LB Woodyard making visit to Patriots
March 11, 2014, 12:30 pm
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Wesley Woodyard, an undersized but fast and nasty linebacker will be visiting the Patriots early in free agency, according to a report from Denver.
Undrafted out of Kentucky in 2008, the 6-foot, 235-pound Woodyard became a captain in his fifth season with the Broncos.
He was supplanted in the Broncos starting lineup in October of this season after he missed a couple of games and saw his role reduced to more of a situational linebacker but given the Patriots’ week-to-week variations in their defenses, he could be a guy they’d flip in frequently at the linebacker level against spread offenses.
The 27-year-old’s last contract with the Broncos was for two years and $5M. The Cowboys have also expressed interest.
Woodyard had 15 tackles and a forced fumble in the regular-season game against the Patriots. He finished the season with 84 tackles.
And a guy did this for him. “Everybody that ever laid wood down knows you got to lay ‘em flat on the ground.”