Report: Judge seals records in Lloyd murder case

Report: Judge seals records in Lloyd murder case
June 25, 2013, 4:30 pm
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The faucet of information on the investigation of Odin Lloyd's murder has been turned off, and don't hold your breath for a leak.

According to Christine McConville of the Boston Herald, the file on Lloyd's murder has been sealed, which means that no documents will be given to the media, including search warrants or arrest warrants, according to our pal Mike Florio over at Pro Football Talk.

"All records of the Attleboro District Court Clerk Magistrate’s office involving the homicide investigation in North Attleboro have been impounded by order of the court," said a notice posted by Attleboro District Court Magistrate Mark E. Sturdy outside his office on Tuesday. "No further information is available at this time."

That last part? Yeah, expect to hear a lot more of that as the investigation continues.