Reed blames media for over-hyping Flacco comments


Reed blames media for over-hyping Flacco comments

FOXBORO -- Joe Flacco didn't seem too rattled about safety Ed Reed's comments that Flacco seemed rattled by the Houston Texans defense last Sunday.

Reed got a chance to explain himself in a conference call on Thursday. And while he didn't necessarily deny making the statement, he did say that he criticized more than Flacco after watching the game film.

"It's about the Ravens and New England playing football," said Reed. "All that other stuff is to the side, man. That was about the last game. It's irrelevant to what we're doing right now. Getting ready for the Patriots.

"What was said was something I said about the whole team. It wasn't just Joe being criticized about how we play. We were critical of ourselves in that game. And that's every teammate of mine, talking about the game that we watched on film. We weren't satisfied with our effort."

When asked again about his comments directed towards Flacco, Reed blamed the media, saying there was more to be reported than just criticism of Flacco's game.

"Joe's been here a long time," said Reed. "I've been here with Joe since he's got here. I know Joe is a smart quarterback. He's our quarterback, regardless of anything.

"We talked a little bit, but it's no different than the talks we've had over the weeks, man. So, I didn't have to say much, he didn't have to say much. We all know the goal. He really just came to me as a leader on the team, and was like, 'Bro, you know the media's going to run with it.' And sure enough, ya'll are running with it.

"We're good about it," added Reed. "We're past it. We're focused on the game at task right now."