Reasons for Manziel's, Bridgewater's visits

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Reasons for Manziel's, Bridgewater's visits
April 14, 2014, 9:45 am
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It was very surprising to hear that Johnny Manziel was taking a visit to Foxboro to meet with the Patriots.

Then, we found out that Teddy Bridgewater was also meeting with the Pats at Gillette.

What's going on here?! Um, guys? Last we checked, the QB position wasn't a top need. Pretty sure Tom Brady has it under control.

Tom E. Curran, Mike Giardi, and Phil Perry discuss just what those meetings could mean for the Patriots, and if there's perhaps a long-term picture being painted behind the Gillette Stadium doors.

"My feeling," said Curan," is it is exactly what you'd perceive it to be: They bring them in just in case either one of them is on the draft board when they are close to having to pick and you need to know the entire market. Ryan Mallet is up after this year. You have to have somebody to ride sidecar next to Tom Brady, who is not going anywhere after this year, I mean, he's got four years left on a deal. This is strictly a Mallet situation and it's an important spot so you bring these guys in just in case one guy slips or you want to compare to A.J. McCarron or Derek Carr. That's my take."

Johnny Football slide all the way to the 20's? It sounds crazy, but who knows - crazier things have happened.

Perry isn't so sure the Pats are focusing in on those two specific QB's, but instead getting their minds in motion when it comes to looking at young QB talent. After all, it's been a while since a QB was a top need on the draft board.

"I think there's something to the fact to that it might be just a feeling out process for the team in general," Perry said. "Trying to figure out, 'OK, we haven't had to pick a quarterback in some time here, so let's bring these guys in, scout them, figure out what these guys do well, what they don't do well. Even if we're not going to draft either of these guys, or they're not going to be there when we do draft, at least now we've started the process of going forward next year. We know what we like, we know what we don't like.'"

Giardi thinks the team just wants to pick the opposing QBs brains ahead of time, so when the Pats play them they'll have an idea of what to expect . . .

. . . just kidding, Mike.

Check out the video to get Giardi's take on that and more.