Reason to be concerned about Brady?

Reason to be concerned about Brady?
September 24, 2013, 2:45 am
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Tom Brady's receivers are very young. Their issues are due to lack of experience. The same can't be said for Tom Brady, if he doesn't look great. Through three games, he's had his ups and downs. He certainly isn't whipping the ball around like he did in 2007 or 2011.

Ron Borges joined Mike Felger and Glenn Ordway on Sports Tonight to talk about the Patriots, and how Brady looked Sunday against the Bucs.

"Wasn't a great game. He did a lot of good things but he had some bad moments," Borges said. "I thought this was a game where the mistakes were more about him than his receivers. He had two receivers open deep down the field, the play everybody saw. The way that play was designed, both those guys were supposed to be covered. The whole play was to the opposite way, so he didn't even really look at them, but in the past you'd think he would have found one of them.

"Dobson he had him for a touchdown, didn't get it. The pick was terrible. He was impatient. He didn't wait for Dobson in the back of the end zone to clear. If he had he would have thrown it to him for an easy touchdown. It was such a bad throw that people thought he was throwing it to Sudfeld, which he wasn't.

Felger wonders if the lack of Brady-esque performance is reason to be concerned, as Brady is getting up there in age. Borges isn't ready to hit the panic button yet though.

"I don't think it is the case. It's understandable," Borges said. "I think the first two games he played pretty well with the people around him. He still did a lot of things yesterday - the first touchdown to Thompkins. The defense the way it was set up, Thompkins was being covered by a defensive end and bang instantaneously, Brady boom the ball's there, easy touchdown. So all those recognition things are still there. And I do think he's a little bit unsure still of what those guys are doing, and that effects him."