Ras-I Dowling continues routine of improvement

Ras-I Dowling continues routine of improvement
June 14, 2012, 6:23 pm
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FOXBORO -- Cornerback Ras-I Dowling was ready to go on Thursday. It was Day 3 of Patriots mini-camp and he had that left ankle taped as he took the practice field.
He, along with the rest of the team, walked back into the stadium 15 minutes later.
"We were just kind of shocked," Dowling drawled with a smile. "Everybody was ready to practice. A lot of guys were in the training room getting taped and then we got that news: 'You can go home a day early.'"
Whether or not the Patriots have cut mini-camp short in the past is still being debated -- sides taken depending on memory only. Deion Branch said it happened "back in the old days," but others insist Belichick's never done it in New England.
Either way, the players are now left to train on their own until July.
Dowling, who injured his hip during Week 2 of his rookie year and was relegated to IR, is still rehabbing. He had a successful surgery and has participated fully in OTAs and mini-camp (the ankle tape is for a college injury).
An update he gave reporters on the stadium field was breezy. It doesn't sound like any reason he won't be back and healthy in 2012.
"Dealing with the trainers. It's a great group we've got there with the training staff. Just getting in there with them -- they're giving me stuff to do. And just continuing to work hard.
"I think, conditioning-wise, I'll be working on my back-pedaling and different stuff. Doing it all."
Despite missing so much time, Dowling doesn't feel disadvantaged. He said it was good for him being around the team, watching film, learning the playbook.
Could he get back into a starting role by August?
Too early to tell.
"I can't tell you right now," he said. "Hopefully, I'll be able to help the team. I try to come out every year and just train as hard as I can in the offseason and try to have a better year every year."