Previewing Patriots-Colts Divisional matchup

Previewing Patriots-Colts Divisional matchup
January 6, 2014, 12:45 am
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May 16, 2014, 9:00 am
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May 13, 2014, 8:45 pm
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May 13, 2014, 4:00 pm
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It's going to be Patriots vs. Colts at Gillette Stadium Saturday night.

Winner goes on to the AFC Championship.

The Colts came back from 38-10 in the third quarter and beat the Chiefs, 45-44. Andrew Luck finished with 443 passing yards and four touchdowns, but three interceptions as well.

Tom E. Curran and Greg Bedard joined Mike Felger to discuss the upcoming Divisional round matchup between the Patriots and Colts.

So do the Colts have a chance to beat the Pats on the road and in the elements?

"Puncher's chance. Andrew Luck's feet chance . . . [Luck] can really run," Curran said. "I think they can confuse him. I think they can get him to throw it to the wrong team. But overall, I think the Patriots as you mentioned, a 7.5 favorite, that's about what it should be. Especially coach-quarterback against coach-young quarterback."

"I agree," Bedard said. "I think unless the Patriots go out and turn the ball over and play uncharacteristically, that the Colts don't really have much of a shot. "I think defensively, the injuries to Vontae Davis and Greg Toler, their two cornerbacks, they could barely get down the field. They gave up 44 points to the Chiefs without Jamal Charles. What are Tom Brady and his receivers going to do against those guys?"

Speaking of receivers, Colts wideout T.Y. Hilton finished the game against the Chiefs with 13 catches, 224 yards, and two touchdowns. You can bet the Pats won't let that happen.

"Poorly coached teams allow best players to beat you. [In] New England, that never happens," Felger said. "When you look at the Colts, cover T.Y. Hilton. Cover T.Y. Hilton and block Robert Mathis.

And if Hilton is locked down, Luck may get out and scramble. The Pats will also look to limit that.

"Don't let Luck beat you outside the pocket," Curran said. "Spy him on third down. And it should be competitive first half, blow them out second."

Whether or not Luck wins this game, Felger is a huge fan of his already.

"I will say this: I think Luck is already excellent and is going to be phenomenal," Felger said. "Honestly the way he runs the huddle, the way he commands his team, the way he runs the clock, the way he sees the field, the way he throws left just as much as he throws right, the way he steps up in the pocket. His ability to feel that pressure and then allude it, I mean he's not the only guy who does it, Aaron Rodgers does it."