Pressure on Pats to cut Alfonzo Dennard?

Pressure on Pats to cut Alfonzo Dennard?
July 11, 2013, 10:15 pm
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When Bob Kraft told the (small) assembled press that his organization was going to change how it looked at player behavior, he probably didn't expect his resolution to be tested that quickly. 

Alfonzo Dennard made sure it would.

The 23-year-old cornerback was arrested on suspicion of DUI Thursday morning, an alleged transgression just 15 months after his assault of a police officer dropped him down to the seventh round of the NFL Draft and netted him 30 days in prison (which he was set to serve after the 2013 season before this latest situation came up).

Considering all of this, should the onus be on the Patriots to get rid of this talented, but troubled Cornhusker?

The Uno Sports Tonight crew--consisting of Gary Tanguay, Andy Gresh, the Boston Herald's Ron Borges and WEEI's Kirk Minihane--delved into this topic.

Borges started off the discussion, stating that Kraft finds himself in quite the predicament. 

"He's in a tough spot. The last thing he said after the whole 40 minute interview as it was ending was, 'Everything we never wanted to have happened, has happened.' And that, to me, was one of the most sincere things he said. And less than 72 hours later, here he is again with a guy who got a break clearly, got a second break clearly, and couldn't go a year without getting into another situation."

The others on set were less ambiguous. The Hernandez murder charge may have spawned Kraft to say his organization would shift the way it treated future transgressions from players, but Minihane believes cutting Dennard is a no-brainer and that has no bearing on the Hernandez situation.

"If Hernandez never happened, I think he [cuts him] anyway because Belichick looks like a fool because he wrote the letter to the court saying I'm standing by this guy and Dennard screws him over," Minihane said. "So, I think he would be gone regardless of [Hernandez]."

Gresh concurred and added that the great deal of idiocy involved in Dennard's actions alone merits his release. 

"If he did it anywhere other than Lincoln, Nebraska where he punched a cop, then maybe we would look at it and say, 'Aaah, who knows what really happened," Gresh said. "But the fact he went back to the scene of the proverbial crime and got pinched again, to me it's just inexcusable. It is independent stupidity, Aaron Hernandez be damned, that situation doesn't matter."

Click on the link above to hear everything that was said regarding Dennard.