Postcard from Patriots training camp: Day 7

Postcard from Patriots training camp: Day 7
July 31, 2014, 2:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- Here's the Postcard from Day 7 of Patriots training camp on Thursday, July 31.

Sunny and hot until clouds came about halfway through the session. Still, another good one here. Team's been lucky with the weather they've had all week since getting poured on at the end of Sunday's practice.

Full pads. Red non-contact jerseys for the quarterbacks.

Rookie Bryan Stork was missing from practice for the second straight day on Thursday. Tight end Michael Hoomanawanui was also out as was offensive lineman Chris Martin.

Aaron Dobson, Dominique Easley, Jemea Thomas, Jeremy Gallon and Deontae Skinner were present but in shorts and t-shirts, making up the day's rehab group.

Matthew Slater was back in action on Thursday, meaning he's been activated off the PUP list.

As usual, the team began with its half-speed installation period. Stretching was followed by the defense working on its reactions to interceptions and the offense working on ball-security and pass-catching drills.

The offense and defense combined as receivers and corners worked on their play at the line while linemen worked on their hand placement against one another.

Tom Brady worked with running backs as they performed one-on-one routes against linebackers. Soon thereafter receivers worked on combination routes near the goal line while Slater worked on his releases off the line as though he was covering a punt.

Later Brady and Rob Gronkowski worked together with Darrelle Revis shadowing the tight end, as they have done during the last few camp practices.

After the punt team got its work in, the team moved to 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 work. In the full-team periods, down-and-distance markers were used. The team worked on goal line, 99-yards-to-go situations and their two-minute package.

Stephen Gostkowski blasted a few field goals at the end to finish off the day's work.

* Shane Vereen continues to shine during one-on-ones. He went up and over the much bigger Dont'a Hightower to make a leaping grab that got a rise out of the crowd in attendance.

* Jamie Collins showed his speed in coverage by blanketing Stevan Ridley in one-on-ones.

* Matthew Slater did not participate when the Patriots ran reps with the punt team. The team's top gunner performed conditioning drills with a coach on the adjacent practice field.

* Revis put rookie running back James White on his back while White ran down the sideline after a long catch-and-run.

* Roy Finch and Julian Edelman fielded Ryan Allen's punts on Thursday. Allen got a lot of work one day after Stephen Gostkowski had a busy day himself with kickoffs and field-goal attempts.

* Ryan Mallett appeared to be taken down accidentally during one 11-on-11 period. He flexed his right knee a few times before taking his next rep, which was an incompletion short over the middle. Mallett dealt with a left knee injury this spring -- that still requires a brace -- but didn't cause him to miss much time. After falling, Mallett did not miss any practice reps. He even took a keeper and broke out a spin move mid-run in a later 11-on-11 period.

* During 11-on-11 reps with the offense backed up on its own goal line, Stevan Ridley was the first back to get a carry.

* On his own 1-yard line, Brady was picked over the middle by Revis, who ran it in for a score from about 10 yards away. The defense had a big celebration in the end zone. Vince Wilfork appeared to get in a little trash talk on Brady before joining his defensive teammates.

* James White continues to run with decisiveness and good pad level. He took snaps with Mallett as well as Brady.

* Offensive lineman Jordan Devey took a lap after jumping offsides in 11-on-11 work.

* Good competitiveness on the goal line from both the offense and defense late in the practice. Rob Ninkovich and Devin McCourty helped snuff out a run to the outside by Stevan Ridley. After tackling Ridley behind the line, the entire defense celebrated loudly and at length. Soon thereafter Mallett completed a touchdown in the back of the end zone and let out a boisterous celebration of his own.

* Jimmy Garoppolo took a good shot (for camp) from Michael Buchannan after Buchannan beat Cameron Fleming off the edge of the line easily.

* Brady to Vereen with Hightower in coverage. Good ball by Brady to target back shoulder.
* Brady to Edelman on the sideline with Revis in coverage.
* Brady to Amendola underneath.
* Brady to Edelman in the flat.

* Mallett to Brandon LaFell short.
* Mallett to Wilson Van Hooser incomplete with Ryan in coverage.
* Mallett to Justin Jones down the seam.
* Mallett to James White on a swing pass.

* Garoppolo incomplete. Thrown over the head of Asa Watson.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Brian Tyms. Broken up by Justin Green.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Jones. Ball glanced off Jones' mitts.
* Garoppolo incomplete deep down the sideline to Tyms.

11-on-11 (live down and distance)
* Brady complete to Edelman on a deep out.
* Brady complete to White

* Mallett complete to Vereen on a long completion down the sideline.
* Mallett incomplete to Ridley on a screen. Ball was thrown low and Ridley couldn't reel it in.
* Mallett to Tyms short over the middle.

* Brady to DJ Williams short.
* Brady to Edelman on a quick out.
* Brady to Vereen on the outside with Arrington in coverage.

* Mallett to Bolden in the flat.
* Mallett incomplete over the middle. Flexing his right leg after being taken down accidentally on the rep prior.

(on own goal line)
* Brady picked over the middle by Revis, who ran it in for a score.
* Brady complete to Edelman on the outside.

(goal line)
* Brady incomplete out of the back of the end zone.

* Mallett complete to Jones in the back of the end zone.

(hurry up)
* Brady to Edelman deep down the sideline with Arrington in coverage.
* Brady incomplete to Thompkins deep down the sideline with Browner and Harmon in coverage.
* Brady incomplete over the middle.
* Brady complete to Amendola over the middle.
* Brady incomplete to LaFell deep down the sideline with Browner in coverage (and tugging LaFell's jersey).

* Garoppolo picked by Malcolm Butler.

* Revis had yet another strong day and turned in the highlight of the day for the Patriots defense when he picked off Brady with the offense backed up to its own goal line. After taking it into the end zone, the defense took part in what would have qualified as an excessive celebration in the eyes of an NFL official. Get it in while you can, why not?

* White had a fine day. Touted as a strong pass-catching back out of the backfield, he's shown he can be more than that. He ran with purpose in 11-on-11 work, especially in goal-line situations.

* Garoppolo continues to look like a rookie. He was picked off in 11-on-11 work and took what would have been a sack from Michael Buchannan.