Possible delays why goalpost dunks banned

Possible delays why goalpost dunks banned
March 26, 2014, 5:15 pm
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ORLANDO -- On Tuesday, word came down that the NFL would penalize any player who engaged in celebratory goalpost dunking.

The eye-rolling commenced about the No Fun League flexing its muscles.

The reasoning behind it, though, is pretty simple.

A heavy jam can knock things off kilter. Jimmy Graham of the Saints did just that in Week 12 last season against the Falcons, creating a delay as the goalposts were readjusted.

“Disruption of the game and the inability in some stadiums to be able to correct the goalposts themselves because of the way they are put in (is why the rule was enacted,” explained Rich McKay, chairman of the NFL Competition Committee. “(In some venues) when you get them off angle, they’re not coming back during that game time, which creates a little bit of a problem of where the kicker is going to kick. When we changed the rules about props way back when we had some issues with some things that were going on on the field and it dealt with sportsmanship, we left a number of things in. We said the ‘Lambeau Leap’ was ok and you can do it because it was a traditional thing.

“I don’t think we ever contemplated that the goalpost would ever be thrown off kilter in games and there be a 20-minute delay of the game as they try to right them,” McKay continued. “When you add five feet to the top and make them even heavier, I think we were concerned about how it would impact a game from a competitive standpoint. That’s why the rule modification took place.”

The five-foot adjustment to the goalposts, which was a change proposed by the Patriots, was approved by the competition committee.