Pollard continues to haunt Patriots


Pollard continues to haunt Patriots

Bernard Pollard.

If you're a Patriots fan, that name is enough to make you sick to your stomach. In fact, if it has, we'll wait...


You good?


Pollard was up to his old tricks of being the cause of Patriots injuries. Years back he was the reason behind Tom Brady's torn ACL. He was also closest to Wes Welker when he went down with a torn ACL. Pollard caused Rob Gronkowski's sprained ankle that limited him in the Super Bowl last year too.

And on Sunday, he crushed Stevan Ridley, literally knocking him out of the Patriots-Ravens game, which caused a game-changing fumble in the process.

Is Pollard to blame for all the injuries? Not directly. But the fact is if not for him, some of them would have been avoided.

Gary Tanguay, Dan Shaughnessy, and Ron Borges discuss their thoughts on Pollard.