PFW: Glimmer of hope for Patriots offense

PFW: Glimmer of hope for Patriots offense
September 19, 2013, 9:00 pm
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The New England Patriots’ offense has yet to hit their stride this season.

With a mix of rookies seeing action for the first time and injuries to Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski keeping them on the sidelines, the Patriots’ offense is not producing like in years past.

Andy Hart, Paul Perillo, and Fred Kirsch got together on Patriots Football Weekly to discuss the growing concerns with the Pats’ offense.

“What worries me are injuries piling up,” Hart said. “The thought was when Gronk gets back everything will be okay. Well if Gronk gets back, and you don’t have [Shane] Vereen and you don’t have Amendola for an extended period, you took one little step forward, but you’re still at a loss trying to piece all those weapons together. We knew this was going to be a process. I think this is a little bit uglier than most fans expected this process to be early on.”

Despite a slow start to the season, there are still reasons to be optimistic in the Patriots’ offense going forward.

“The glimmer of hope is that you have another sort of bad team in Tampa Bay coming in, a decent defense but not a great team and one that is struggling at 0-2,” Perillo said. “And also you have a chance to get Gronkowski back. And if you can do that, maybe you start seeing some of the pieces that you are going to have moving forward and that can be a big difference.”