Perillo's Points: Spikes workload to increase

Perillo's Points: Spikes workload to increase
October 3, 2013, 8:30 pm
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The New England Patriots placed Vince Wilfork on injured reserve, leaving a big gap in the middle of the defense.

With Wilfork out for the rest of the season, the Patriots will need someone to step up to fill the void.

Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly thinks Brandon Spikes could have a much bigger role in the defense now with Wilfork out.

“It’s an opportunity for a player to really make an impact who has been quiet so far, and that’s Brandon Spikes,” Perillo said. “The first month of the season, he has really been a nonfactor. When you are talking about run defense, you are going to have to bring a guy like Spikes into the equation.”

Even though the Patriots are not putting up record-breaking numbers on offense as they have in previous years, the running game this year has been able to produce big plays.

“The big plays are starting to come virtually every week,” Perillo said. “LeGarrette Blount with the 47 yard touchdown in Atlanta. The week before, it was Brandon Bolden, a 46 yard run. This is an area the Patriots I think can exploit because teams are still looking at New England as a pass first offense. The big plays in the running game have been a big part of the success.”