Perillo: Siliga signing worked

Perillo: Siliga signing worked
January 3, 2014, 6:30 am
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This season, the New England Patriots haven’t just gone to Plan B because of injuries, but to Plans C and D due to the amount of injuries they have had to endure.

After trading for Isaac Sopoaga midway through the season to sure-up the defensive line, it did not work out. However, Sealver Siliga has come out of nowhere to make an impact on defense.

Paul Perillo discussed the play of Siliga on Patriots Football Weekly.

“Right around the same time in October, in a move that got much less attention, he [Belichick] signed Sealver Siliga to the practice squad,” Perillo said. “And all of a sudden he’s out there against the Buffalo Bills with nine tackles and a sack. He’s really helped solidify that interior defensive line. It wasn’t the plan, but it has really worked.”

While countless players have gone down with injuries this season, some players have been able to battle through injuries and stay on the field, including Logan Mankins.

“You don’t see a lot of guys deal with the kinds of pain that this guy goes through almost every single week,” Perillo said. “We know about the torn ACL that he played the entire season with a couple of years ago. But that looked like a pretty significant ankle injury that he dealt with against Buffalo, and he missed what, a couple of snaps.

“Even Bill Belichick said he was surprised when [head athletic trainer] Jim Whalen came over and said he was ready to go back in the game. He doesn’t have to prove it to anybody at this point, but Logan Mankins is one tough SOB.”