Perillo & Hart: Team you least want Pats to play

Perillo & Hart: Team you least want Pats to play
January 3, 2014, 7:15 am
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This weekend, the Patriots will sit back and relax and wait to see who will come to Foxboro to play in the AFC Divisional Round.

But who do the Patriots not want to face?

Paul Perillo and Andy Hart debated on Patriots Football Weekly which team the Patriots should want to stay clear of come January 11.

“The team I would not want to see is the Chiefs. I think it is a bad matchup all the way around,” Hart said. “I think Jamaal Charles is a very good running back. We know there are some issues with the Patriots run defense. Maybe the biggest issue though and I talked about this earlier in the show, is they don’t turn the ball over. Alex Smith is not a playmaker, but he doesn’t make plays for the other team either.”

On the other hand, Perillo believes the Patriots don’t want to see a team that got the best of them during the regular season.

"Cincinnati to me, showed you a lot of toughness I thought against Baltimore,” Perillo said. “Playing really, a very sloppy football game. Their quarterback throws four interceptions and yet they still win going away. That tells you just how talented they are. If they were able to protect the football, I’m not sure that you matchup.”