Pees: Patriots game will be emotional


Pees: Patriots game will be emotional

For former Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees admitted that Sunday's game will be wrought with emotion.

"Its always an emotional day," Peas said Thursday. "Im not going to lie about that and act like its just another game. Its a big game for me. I think I mentioned it once before: Its kind of like when you go out and you play golf against somebody and you want to win, but when you play your brothers, you really want to win. Theres a lot of friends over there on the other sideline, a lot of old colleagues, a lot of players that I coached. So yeah, sure its an emotional game. It always is."

Pees did not seek to renew his contract with the Patriots after the 2010 season. He became the linebackers coach in Baltimore for two years before being named defensive coordinator in January. He said on Thursday that his relationship with Patriots coach Bill Belichick is still very good.

"My relationship with him is great," he said. "We still speak on occasion when were playing a team thats a common opponent and we arent playing each other. In certain years, well discuss things. Its a great relationship. The biggest thing I have taken from him, as Ive taken from all the head coaches, all the head coaches I have worked for, John Harbaugh included, they all have their different ways of doing things, and they are all good. So, what you do is you kind of try to steal a little bit of attention to detail, or whatever it might be, within your personality. You take all those things from every head coach I have been with."