PatsSeahawks: The Pick

PatsSeahawks: The Pick
October 13, 2012, 3:36 am
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On Sunday afternoon, the Patriots will take the field in rainy Seattle, looking to make a statement; looking to further erase the memory of an unfortunate 1-2 start and continue to prove that they are who you thought they were. That theyre legitimate Super Bowl contenders, perhaps even a little better.

The truth is that there are more than a few things working against the Pats this week. Theres the fact that theyve traveled across the country. Theres the fact that Seattle has a tremendous home field advantage and an even better defense. Theres the fact that theyre up against former coach Pete Carroll which on second thought is probably a benefit. But the bottom line is that theres no real shame in losing in Seattle. Not this year, and not ever.

Of course, that won't curb our freak out if the Pats happen to fall, but thankfully, I don't think that will be a problem.

They're are favored by three and a half points on Sunday, which on the surface feels like a sucker's bet. It may be a sucker's bet below the surface, too. But if that's the case, then I guess I'm a sucker.

Yeah, I know. Seattle's defense is imposing and their homefield advantage will be huge. But you can say the same thing about the Baltimore Ravens and the Pats still dropped 30 points on them. But unlike Baltimore, Seattle doesn't have the firepower to keep up the pace. So while it might take the Pats some time to get settled in the uncomfortable atmosphere, they eventually will, at which point they'll leave the Seahawks in their dust.

Final Score: Pats 24, Seattle 10

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