Pats special-teamers do their parts during OT punt

Pats special-teamers do their parts during OT punt
November 25, 2013, 3:15 am
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FOXBORO – Forced to punt with 3:11 left in the overtime, the Patriots were staring at three different outcomes – win, lose or tie - and the one they preferred seemed least likely.
Having turned the Broncos away twice already in overtime, giving Peyton Manning another chance was whistling past the graveyard. And if the Patriots did get the ball back, would they have time to score or would the NFL have a two-tie day (Green Bay and Minnesota tied earlier Sunday)?
Then Tony Carter happened. While blocking Patriots’ gunner Marquice Cole, Carter got too close to the descending punt that Wes Welker was signaling everyone to retreat from. Cole drove Carter toward the ball and it ricocheted off Carter and was covered by Nate Ebner at the Denver 13. Steve Gostkowski drilled the game-winner three plays later.
It was a discreet move by Cole that helped secure the win.
“He shoulda came off inside the 20 or whatever but he carried me because I got him to turn his back and I pushed him,” Cole explained. “And when I pushed him, I got leverage on him. He was still trying to get his block but he went too far. He stayed with it a little longer trying to make a play. I’m going to the returner. That’s on (Carter) to decide, ‘It’s over, I didn’t get the block.’ He was trying to make a play to get Wes going and the ball just hit him.
A reporter then said to Cole, “You gotta know where the ball is though, right?”
From a locker away, safety Devin McCourty answered, “If you’re on our team (you do).”
Ebner said that his job is to key in on anything odd happening once the punt returner signals he’s either going to make a fair catch or signals he’s not going to play it.
“In the case where the returner is waving it off, yeah, I’m looking for it to hit somebody,” said Ebner. “I was just doing what I’m supposed to do in that situation. Your instincts take over. I don’t want to make too much out of it. I was just covering down on the punts like I always do. The punt returner was waving it off. Marquice Cole made a great play, pushing his guy into the ball and I was just watching. Ryan [Allen] has been putting up some great punts, so it really goes to them. Just seeing the returner waving at it and then [Cole] pushing him in there. Just right place at the right time.”

And Tony Carter was in the wrong place. And at the wrong time.