Pats can expect Ryan brothers to gang up

Pats can expect Ryan brothers to gang up
October 17, 2013, 11:45 am
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Jets head coach Rex Ryan acknowledged this week that he will consult his brother Rob, the Saints defensive coordinator, before Sunday’s game against the Patriots.
The Patriots should take that as a good sign. New Orleans hadn’t allowed an opponent to score more than 20 points this season until the Patriots dropped 30 on them five days ago. And it’s not like New England was rewriting the offensive record book before Sunday.
The conversation will probably revolve around how best to deal with Tom Brady.
The tight end-based offense the Patriots were building has disintegrated. The Patriots’ outside receivers are still in the embryonic stages of their careers. The slot position is always productive but the slot has been a focal point of Rex’ attention since Wes Welker went for 15 and 192 on the Jets back in 2009 and has been kept in check. The running game is one thing the Jets are adept at dealing with.
That leaves the approach of either blitzing Brady – as Rob did, generating five sacks – or laying back in coverage and making Brady hold the ball until the rush gets home.
Bill Belichick said this week that – whether the Brothers Ryan have a meeting of the minds or not – there are similarities to their approach.
“The biggest thing that is the same is that they’re both game plan coaches,” Belichick pointed out. “Again, meaning that what they decide to do in one game could be dramatically different from what they do in another game. I would say that’s the common thread. So based on the personnel that they have and how they feel like they match up with the opponent, they’ll take their basic defense, which I think there are some similarities in their basic defenses, they’ll take those and modify them to try to maximize the use of their personnel and address the threats that they feel like they’re facing offensively and attack the weaknesses of their opponent. I would say that’s the common thing.”
The Patriots have crushed the Jets in the second meeting between the teams since Ryan took over. Since 2009, the Patriots have outscored the Jets by 110 points the four times the teams have met for a second time.
In fairness, the one time the teams met a third time – in the 2010 playoffs – the Jets walked away with a well-crafted victory.
Whatever Rex comes up with, Belichick already knows he’ll be summiting with Rob.

“Obviously I’m sure that they’ll talk this week, have talked this week and that type of thing. I’m sure that they’ll exchange whatever information, but again, I think these two teams know each other pretty well: the players, the coaching staffs. We just played each other a month ago so how the Jets and the Patriots match up is a little different than how we match up with another team or they match up with another team.”