Patriots waiting, but not idle in NFL draft

Patriots waiting, but not idle in NFL draft
April 25, 2013, 8:30 pm
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FOXBORO – With the 2013 NFL Draft in progress, the Patriots have a lot of waiting ahead of them.

Not quite idle, though. The team will be watching closely the selections at three spots – defensive line, cornerback and wide receiver – hoping to find a faller in the mix.

The names that are particularly worth remembering as this round goes along? Sheldon Richardson, the defensive tackle from Missouri, Justin Hunter (WR, Tennessee) and Robert Woods from USC.

Those are the players whose names I’ve heard mentioned in connection with New England’s interests. Corner is an especially deep position with a wide range of prospects. Enough so that the Patriots could probably slip out of the first round by trading down and still get a good one. Same thing goes for Woods.

As for Richardson, he’s a top-20 prospect that the Patriots would have to move up to get ahold of him.

A trade down by the Patriots is the most likely result of tonight’s proceedings.