Patriots trade third-rounder for a fourth, sixth

Patriots trade third-rounder for a fourth, sixth
May 10, 2014, 3:45 am
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FOXBORO -- That trade down in the draft that everyone seemed to think the Patriots would execute on Thursday? It came late in the third round.

New England dealt its third-rounder (No. 93 overall) to Jacksonville for a fourth-rounder (No. 105) and a sixth-rounder (No. 179).

According to the draft trade chart -- a chart used by NFL teams to determine the fairness trades involving picks -- the deal was not exactly even, but close enough for the Patriots to act. The No. 93 pick is worth 128 points on the chart while the No. 105 (84 points) and No. 179 (19.8 points) combine for 103.8 points.

Regardless of the chart, the Patriots felt it was a fair deal because of how their board looked as the No. 93 pick approached.

"I felt," Belichick said, "like the value that we moved back, 12 spots, and added a sixth round pick . . . I felt the value of moving back, for whichever player we pick tomorrow based on where we were, that we could maintain the integrity of that value and add a pick so that’s why we did it."

The extra selection late in the draft also gives the Patriots added flexibility. They now have a touch more ammunition to use if they feel the need to move up or down the board depending on the players who remain.

"Whether we're picking there, or using [picks] to position for players that are sliding on the board so we can slide picks one way or another," Belichick said, "we'll see how that goes. Hopefully we'll be able to be productive with those picks and continue to improve our team this weekend."

The Patriots now have seven picks remaining to be used during the third day of the draft: three fourth-rounders (No. 105, 130, 140), three sixth-rounders (No. 179, 198, 206) and a seventh-rounder (No. 244).

"We've been able to pick some players that have been productive for us on the third day of the draft," Belichick said Friday night. "Hopefully that'll be the case tomorrow."