Patriots rolling on receivers


Patriots rolling on receivers

Earlier this morning, Tom E. Curran posted a video of Chad Ochocinco absolutely going to town on a set of imaginary receivers. I'll re-post it here, but credit to for finding it first.

Pretty solid, right? We can only hope that one of those orange workout cones catches on somewhere in the AFC East.

But more importantly, Ocho's workout tape reminded me of my favorite, defender-free receiver clip of all time. Of course, I'm talking about Chad Jackson vs. the ball machines!

I was going to say: "Who would have thought that a guy with so much talent could be such a massive bust." But even in that 15 second interview with Erin Andrews, didn't it seem like something was up? At the very least, he didn't really seem like a Patriots kind of guy. But hey, everyone makes mistakes.

One more thing: When it comes to the Chad Jackson pick, the biggest criticism usually revolves around all the other solid receivers who were still available (Greg Jennings, Brandon Marshall, Marques Colston). But you knew who the Pats really should have picked?

Bernard Pollard, who was selected in the second round, 18 picks after Jackson.

How different would Patriots history be if the guy who's ruined three of the last four seasons was on New England's sidelines?

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